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12 months ago

Piercing Attraction: Jesse just got to the gym and he needs to take his Prince Albert out before his workout. He's having some issues doing it today and it looks dangerous alone. Alejandro notices that he needs a hand and offers to help him out. He's really curious about the PA and has never seen one up close and personal. Alejandro gets real close so close the metal ends up in his mouth and he begins to suck and play with the piercing using his tongue. Jesse loves the sensation as he can feel Alejandro's tongue twirl around the metal and the top of his head. Jesse's cock is really sensitive with the piercing so they take it out and move onto bigger and better pleasures. Jesse bends Alejandro over the bench and eases into his tight ass. The PA would have never fit but that's ok with Alejandro, he is already enjoying the full girth of Jesse deep inside of him. The slow body movements and thrusts end with an extended climax of epic proportions as the two release their pre-workout loads. Enjoy!


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