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1 year ago

Alex Bonero had always wanted to meet the Badpuppy masseur as he had heard about the good rubdowns others had received. After he removes all of his clothes with the exception of his underwear Alex sits back on the bed against two pillows and begins rubbing his own chest and caresses the contents of his shorts. A couple of minutes later, our masseur walks in with his bottle of massage oil. He has Alex lie face down on the bed before he picks up the bottle of oil and squirts some into his hand. He expertly applies the lotion to Alex's back and shoulder muscles, slowly working his way down to Alex's ass which is still covered by his shorts. The masseur pulls down Alex's shorts, applies some more lotion to his hands and returns to massaging Alex's ass globes which are now shiny with oil. As Alex's shorts come off our masseur begins rubbing oil on Alex's already stiffening cock and at the same time he begins working Alex's asshole with his oily fingers. Pulling Alex up on his knees the masseur now has full access to both Alex's hole and his cock; which he begins stroking, getting it harder and harder. After a few minutes of finger, cock and ass play the masseur reaches back and find the big, black dildo which he begins working into Alex's bum while stroking his cock at the same time. Based on how fast Alex took that big, black dildo, I would say he definitely WANTED it. Rolling Alex over on his back the masseur takes the bottle of oil and squirts it all over the front of Alex's cock and stomach. With one had gently massaging Alex's tummy and the other working Alex's cock the masseur continues to stimulate Alex, even using his mouth to assist with Alex's cock. After applying a little more lube and increasing the frequency of his stroking our masseur finishes off Alex's rubdown with Alex blowing a thick load of creamy jizz all over the masseurs' hands and his own crotch and stomach.


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