Graham, Jason – Don’t Tell


I feel lucky
12 months ago

What Jason's girlfriend doesn't know won't hurt her, so he makes cash on the side by getting his dick sucked and sucking other guys' cocks. Today he breaks in Graham, an uncut bisexual guy who eats Jason's load and is a distance shooter. While I'm letting the dogs out, the guys get right to it. They know what they have to do to get paid! Graham goes first, sucking on Jason's tight foreskin and shaft. He hovers over Jason, who slides down the couch so they can 69. Jason fucks Graham's throat hard and pulls out just in time to shoot his load. Then he sticks his dick back in Graham's mouth so he can suck him clean. I reposition the guys to get a nice view of Jason sucking Graham's big dick. Jason plays with Graham's hole while sucking his cock. Then they kick back together, stroking their cocks side-by-side. When Graham cums, he squirts all over the couch and wipes his dick on Jason's arm.


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