Jef Heart and Colt Cox


I feel lucky
10 months ago

real life men Jef Center and Colt Cox haven’t been viewing one another lengthy however the laid back and informal men have often fantasized about doing adult. Fortunately, we were approached by them! The cute furry pair, begin creating out subsequently Colt draws out rsquo & Jef; s cock. The otter becomes very the penis chase, consuming and drawing that nice beef. Jef wheels before Colt hurts him a little more, slicking his base with perhaps more throw Colt s starving butt a little. Subsequently, utilizing just that throw that is same for lubricant, house slides, fucking his sweetheart bareback. The tougher Jef lbs Colt, the harder it is wanted by him. Jef pumps absent, pushing out and in of his sweetheart that is whorish. Jef gets a great tempo heading before taking out to supply Colt, who feeds and subsequently turns Jef lots of their own, one both piggies reveal in a sticky kiss the strain.


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