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I feel lucky
9 months ago

Lewis is friends with Sean Peyton, so he sent me an email asking to do some video work. Having a few local guys around to help give newbies head is always something I am looking for.He works with computer systems, and seems to be well-grounded. I think he is more into doing video work as something fun, and the extra money will be just be play money.Lewis says he mostly likes to top, but flip-fucking is his favorite thing to do in bed.I showed up wearing some cool kicks, so I kept them in the video and photos to add a little spice for those who love to see sneakers on a naked dude. If it annoys you, I am sorry about that. But I get a lot of shoe/feet requests, and rarely do I get a nice pair of shoes to feature.As of writing, I have not setup an oral video, though he is keen to get in and play with another dude on camera!


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